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What is z9/op=n?

z9/op=n is the access control industry's leading open-architecture technology for wired access control panels and smart locks, connecting them to Z9/fl=x, and enabling unprecedented interoperability among a wide range of hardware and software from multiple vendors.


Access control panels and smart locks powered by Z9 Security firmware are automatically z9/op=n compliant, and no longer face technical obstacles integrating with multiple software platforms. Interoperability with multiple software platforms, which used to take years, now takes months.

With the technical obstacles gone, you can focus instead on your strategic partnerships, product development, marketing, and your customers. And don't worry, z9/op=n doesn't make all access control panels and smart locks the same — it is flexible and powerful enough to allow a wide range of product and feature differentiation. Which software vendors may integrate with your hardware, is still under your control.


z9/op=n compliant hardware is automatically supported by access control software platforms integrated with Z9/FL=X. This dramatically reduces development time to support additional compliant vendors, future-proofing your investment.

Z9/FL=X doesn't require your software platform to be interoperable with all available hardware, it simply makes it possible, and easy. You remain fully in control of licensing, and which types of hardware are supported by your software.

Z9/FL=X is the last access control hardware integration you'll ever need to develop.

Dealers, Integrators, End-users

The range of hardware and software combinations you have to choose from increases dramatically with z9/op=n. You are no longer locked into a single software platform or a single hardware platform.

Hardware vendors have a choice, software vendors have a choice, customers have a choice — and everybody wins.

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